New single, new video, posters update

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The first single from the new Simple MInds album Big Music is the song Honest Town. You can see the full video below, which features new touring member Catherine A.D. as well.

I also uploaded a huge number of posters to the website. There are more than 100 posters from teh Celebrate Tour alone!

After this update there are over 460 Simple Minds posters on this website. Next goal to reach 500 by the end of the year... :-)

New album, new tour - new look!

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The Celebrate tour ended just a few weeks ago on 12th September. So far it has been the longest Simple Minds tour ever, lasting over 19 months and the band performed nearly 150 concerts.

Meanwhile the band completed their 16th studio album. Big Music is going to be released on 3rd November in 3 different formats: standard CD, vinyl and deluxe edition (2CD + DVD). You can order it by clicking the image below:

And if that wouldn't be enough, a new tour is coming! The first leg of the Big Music Tour will start on 7th February in Lisbon, Portugal and will end on 4th May in Ipswich, United Kingdom. Below is the poster with the UK dates:

Last but not least I refreshed the website's design to match with the new Simple Minds album's artwork. And I also updated the Tickets section, adding 30 new Simple Minds tickets, including one of the earliest Simple MInds tickets from 1979:

(After this update there are nearly 800 Simple Minds tickets on the website...)

A new itinerary added

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Since the launch of in November 2012 there were several updates to the website. All sections were updated except the Itineraries part. You might ask why - well, because there was not even a single new item that could have been added.

Until now.

I just received a new tour itinerary that was issued fot the Australia 2010 tour. To be honest, it wasn't a single tour, let's call it the Australian leg of the Graffiti Soul Tour.

Anyway, here it is, and I am very happy to show it to you.

Itineraries are very special and mega rare items. These are produced for the band and the people who are working with the band during the tour. In these rare tour books, only for people involved in the tour, you get the following information: In which hotel they spent the night, tour related companies, crew members, promoters, travel arrangements, etc. etc. Very rare and only a few made for each tour. 

After this update there are 46 Simple Minds tour itineraries on the website. And I hope there are a lot more out there, waiting to be discovered...

Tickets update

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I just updated the website with a huge number of ticket scans / photos. And when I say huge, I do mean it. More than 100 tickets were added to the website, including some nice picture tickets. The 2014 leg of the Celebrate tour saw the return of of the picture tickets - below are some nice examples.

After this update there are over 750 Simple Minds tickets on the website. And there are a lot more coming...

The largest Simple Minds poster ever

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I just added 25 Simple Minds posters from 12 different tours to the website, including this huge poster from Belgrade, which was probably the largest Simple Minds poster ever.

After this update there are 410 Simple Minds posters on the website.

Simple Minds fans deserve the recording of the Zagreb concert

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“ZAGREB - AUDIENCE? I know, I know, I already said that Milano was the max! But.....the audience in Zagreb was unbelievable really. What an experience today, with only a few hours to go before the start, we were within minutes of having to rethink our situation. But thanks to the chiropractor, sports a couple of injections here and there, all went off more than fine in the end. The band played incredible tonight in my opinion. But this audience in Croatia deserved that and more. Thanks very much to all in Zagreb, including also those who travelled from Split, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, and Italy." - JIM KERR, (4th April 2014, just a few minutes after the show ended)

Even though the Zagreb concert was recorded, it wasn't sold after the concert, unlike the other shows of the 2014 leg of The Greatest Hits+ Tour. I think it was decided before the show started - maybe because Jim wasn't sure that he can give his best during the concert and he didn't want to release the recording of a concert that is far from being good.


In the end it turned out, that it was different. Jim and the band gave their best ever performance. 


I have seen Simple Minds many times in the past 16 years, and when I first saw them in Zagreb in 2003 I was amazed how great the Croatian crowd was. After that concert I decided to visit Zagreb whenever Simple Minds would play there. So I did see them in Zagreb in 2006, and now when the Zagreb show was announced, I was very happy. I was really expecting this concert - even though I saw them a few days earlier, but still, I was waiting for the Zagreb concert.


What happened at the Dom Sportova on 4th April 2014 was something that can not be expressed by words. The audience was AMAZING - and parallel the band was also amazing. We could see that Jim was suffering of pain in his back, but this proves that he is the biggest artist ever - he gave his best performance. 


And just a few hours after the concert finished, he posted the message above to Simple Minds' Facebook page.


Even though the concert recording wasn't sold, the show was recorded. We saw the sound engineers working, we saw the extra microphones recording the audience - se there is a recording out there. It needs to be released.


Simple Minds fans, the Zagreb audience and the world deserve this recording to be released. An amazing provenance of how great live band Simple Minds is.


Please sign the petition by clicking the link below if you would like to hear the recording of this fabulous concert. Don't let it become Simple Minds' Great Lost Live Recording!


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Berne tickets

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I just added two concert tickets from the Berne concert. Thanks to Patrick Joller for these great items!

Memorabilia from Zagreb

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The latest update includes memorabilia from the concert in Zagreb. I uploded the poster, Mel's setlist (signed by Charlie) and two different concert tickets, including a wonderful picture ticket.


Memorabilia from Prague

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The latest update includes memorabilia from the concert in Prague. I uploded the two different posters, two different concert tickets, Charlie's setlist and a press pass.



Passes update

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I just added 30 passes to the website. These include an old pass from the New Gold Dream tour, some passes from Brazil and Jim's personal Artist pass from the Koko concert in November.


I could also finally get a scan of the blue stick-on pass from the Celebrate tour, so now all 3 versions can be found on the website. (However, I still need to hunt down one of the blue passes for my personal collection.)


After this update there are over 320 Simple Minds passes on the website. And there are a lot more coming...

Setlists update

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I just upldated the website with many setlists, including a huge lot from the recent tour. Highlights of this update are Charlie's setlist from 1980 and Jim's setlist from the Stonehaven show.


After this update there are nearly 100 Simple Minds setlists on the website. And there are a lot more coming...

Posters update

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To celebrate the 2014 leg of the Celebrate - The Greatest Hits+ tour I updated the posters section of I uploaded 70 new posters, including many new posters from the recent tour.

After this update there are nearly 400 Simple Minds tour posters on the website.