New album, new tour - new look!

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The Celebrate tour ended just a few weeks ago on 12th September. So far it has been the longest Simple Minds tour ever, lasting over 19 months and the band performed nearly 150 concerts.

Meanwhile the band completed their 16th studio album. Big Music is going to be released on 3rd November in 3 different formats: standard CD, vinyl and deluxe edition (2CD + DVD). You can order it by clicking the image below:

And if that wouldn't be enough, a new tour is coming! The first leg of the Big Music Tour will start on 7th February in Lisbon, Portugal and will end on 4th May in Ipswich, United Kingdom. Below is the poster with the UK dates:

Last but not least I refreshed the website's design to match with the new Simple Minds album's artwork. And I also updated the Tickets section, adding 30 new Simple Minds tickets, including one of the earliest Simple MInds tickets from 1979:

(After this update there are nearly 800 Simple Minds tickets on the website...)