A new itinerary added

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Since the launch of SM-Tours.com in November 2012 there were several updates to the website. All sections were updated except the Itineraries part. You might ask why - well, because there was not even a single new item that could have been added.

Until now.

I just received a new tour itinerary that was issued fot the Australia 2010 tour. To be honest, it wasn't a single tour, let's call it the Australian leg of the Graffiti Soul Tour.

Anyway, here it is, and I am very happy to show it to you.

Itineraries are very special and mega rare items. These are produced for the band and the people who are working with the band during the tour. In these rare tour books, only for people involved in the tour, you get the following information: In which hotel they spent the night, tour related companies, crew members, promoters, travel arrangements, etc. etc. Very rare and only a few made for each tour. 

After this update there are 46 Simple Minds tour itineraries on the website. And I hope there are a lot more out there, waiting to be discovered...