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Just added to the website these beautiful Simple Minds posters:



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Latest item added to the website:

Stick-on pass issued for the concert on 8th April 1995 in Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany.


Updates to the website

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In the past few days I spent many hours updating SM-Tours.com.

This update includes images sent to me by three wonderful collectors, Massimo BabiniMarani Lionello and Giù Lu, and of course I included scans of recently obtained items from my personal collection. These include a beautiful VIP pass from the New Gold Dream Tour and the first triangle-shaped stick-on pass from the Real Life Tour I have ever seen.

Here is the entire list of the recently added items:


30 July 1979 London
08 November 1981 Los Angeles
17 February 1986 France
17 May 1986 Montreal
27 May 1986 New York
20 May 1989 Modena
25 November 1989 Sidney
07 September 1991 Rome
18 October 1991 Hamburg
18 April 1995 Rome
19 April 1995 Cassalecchio Di Reno
22 October 1995 Torino
23 October 1995 Lyon
24 October 1995 Clermont-Ferrand
01 July 1997 Rome
13 June 1998 Rosa
31 May 2002 Milano
06 August 2002 Garda
02 July 2003 Venice
11 November 2003 Milano
18 March 2006 Perugia
19 March 2006 Rome
09 April 2006 Zagreb
03 July 2009 Milano
08 November 2009 Padova (3 variatons)
01 December 2012 Yarrsa Valley
04 December 2012 Perth


10 June 1986 Amsterdam (2nd version)
19 August 1989 Dublin (2nd version)
22 August 1991 London (2nd version)
13 October 1991 München (2nd version)
01 July 1997 Rome
12 June 1998 Pescara
13 June 1998 Rosa
03 July 2003 Riolo Terme
11 November 2003 Milan (2 variations)
08 November 2009 Padova
New Gold Dream USA Tour VIP pass
5x5 Tour Access All Areas pass


11 November 2003 Milan
14 December 2003 Manchester
18 March 2006 Perugia
07 November 2009 Rome
25 June 2011 Cannock Chase Forest
23 June 2012 Werchter


17 March 1983 Milan
07 July 1983 Taranto
06 February 1984 Ngaruawahia
11 April 1984 Reggio-Emilia
12 April 1984 Milan
16 & 17 February 1986 Paris
22 June 1986 Milton Keynes
13 July 1986 Milan
20 May 1989 Modena (2 variations)
18 September 1989 Torino
30 & 31 March 1995 Paris
18 April 1995 Rome
19 April 1995 Cassalecchio Di Reno
22 October 1995 Turin
30 May 1998 Pesaro
21 May 2002 Paris
31 May 2002 Milan
30 July 2002 Fano
03 July 2003 Riolo Therme
22 May 2004 Hellendoorn
23 February 2006 Bremen
23 March 2006 Milano
23 July 2006 Bristol
17 March 2007 Perth
04 April 2007 Christchurch
03 July 2009 Milan
06 November 2009 Ancona
08 November 2009 Padova
01 December 2012 Yarra Valley (2 variations)
08 December 2012 Hunter Valley
12 December 2012 Wollongong


Tour Du Monde bottleg programme

At the moment there are

593 Simple Minds tickets
262 Simple Minds passes
64 Simple Minds setlists
294 Simple Minds posters
45 Simple Minds itineraries and
27 Simple Minds tour programmes on this website. 
Don't forget, it is up to you to expand the contents. There are lot more items out there in your personal collections. If you have items that you think can make this website more complete, please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I would be happy to include them on the website.


5X5 live - new album out today!

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Following the universal acclaim earlier this year for Simple Minds' landmark 5 X 5 shows and the accompanying X5 box set, on November 19th EMI will release a double live album of the tour.

5X5 Live features five songs from the band's first five albums plus bonus tracks, as the band played slightly differing sets in different cities. The tour, which took place between 14th February and 4th March, saw the band playing sets that included songs from the albums: Life In A Day, Real To Real Cacophony, Empires and Dance, Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call and New Gold Dream (81, 82, 83, 84), all of which were released in a prolific period from 1979 to 1982. These five albums have had a massive cultural impact from the time of their release during the birth of the new wave electro scene in the late 1970s, through the dance revolution of the ‘80s and ‘90s, to the music of the Manic Street Preachers and the recent sound of The Horrors’ Skying album, making them five of the most vital albums of the post-punk period and the last 35 years.

The album comes as a 2-disc set in a clamshell box with a 24-page booklet and a 25" x 25" tour poster. It's an incredible memento of an amazing tour.

5X5 Live is a testament to what an incredible live band Simple Minds are, especially considering they were playing some of these songs for the first time in decades and performing them with such vitality and passion, proving why they are one of the most successful UK bands of all time.


30 Years of Mel Gaynor!

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It was exactly 30 years ago today that Mel Gaynor, the best drummer in the world joined Simple Minds on stage for the first time.

18th November 1982 - Tiffany's, Glasgow


Welcome to SM-Tours.com!

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“When we started Simple Minds our objective was to be considered as one of the great live bands. A band that had the desire to go all around the world - playing everywhere and anywhere. " - JIM KERR

After planning for years and then programming and uploading the contents for months I am happy to launch this website to all fans of Simple Minds. Simple Minds is my favourite band and is one of the greatest live bands ever.

I tried to collect scans and photos of Simple Minds tour memorabilia items from the last 35 years. Some of the items are from my personal collection but there are images collected from the internet or from other collectors. Although I tried my best to credit the images collected from the internet to their original creators, sometimes I couldn't find the source anymore. If you find some of your images, just drop me an email and I'll credit your name at the image.

Of course I know that this virtual collection is far from being complete - but I hope that with your help it will grow to something more. So far there are nearly 1500 items uploaded. Please feel free to contact me if you can add items or if you find any mistakes.

I really hope you all will like it as much as I enjoyed creating this website!